Does Ghost Seance Really Work?

Ghost Seance has the potential to summon spirits at any given location and time although 3:00 a.m. usually produces the best results. Naturally, some locations will have more paranormal activity than others. Some locations will produce no response at all while other locations might overwhelm you with activity.

While some responses may be very obvious, most will be very subtle so it is important that your group remain as quiet as possible in order to hear any spirits trying to make contact. Most responses come in the form of knocking noises. When you hear any such noises we sugest that you pause the audio track and begin the ask the spirit questions. Tell the spririt to answer "yes" by knocking once and "no" by knocking twice. Remember, the Ghost Seance app is specifically designed to summon the spirit, once the sprit begins making signs it is then up to you to continue communicating with it.

IMPORTANT: If you and your guests aren't shy, try chanting out loud along with the prerecorded medium for better results. Make sure that you concentrate on every word that is being spoken by the virtual medium and at the very least try and chant along with the medium inside your head using your thoughts as spirits are telepathic.

The prerecorded medium does not use religious provocation in order to avoid summoning any demonic entities and we suggest that you don't either. Just like Ouija Boards, we also recommend that you only use this summoning device in a group setting for your own spiritual safety.



Warning: Ghost Seance is designed to communicate with "Good Spirits" only.
We accept no responsibility for any evil or demonic entities that may cross over.

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