How To Hold A Seance With Using Ghost Seance

Here is a basic set of instructions to get you started summoning spirits using Ghost Seance. We recommend that you play the full version of the Ghost Seance audio track the very first time you use the app as it contains verbal instructions throughout the recording. After you are confident that you can set up and participate in a seance without any instructions, you should then switch to using the Ghost Seance Express version which contains no instructions and goes straight into summoning spirits.

  1. Plan your guest list: Figure out how many people you're going to have -- and make sure the space you're using will allow them all. The number of people should be a minimum of three or any number divisible by three. Be sure that everyone attending is open-minded to the spirit world. People who are adamantly "non-believers" bring a certain amount of negative energy, and this can be disruptive. You may also find that it adversely effects your communication with the spirits during your seance.

  2. Create a Spirit-Friendly Atmosphere: Most people like to conduct a seance at a round or oval table, but if neither is available, don't worry. Drape the table with fabric or sheets -- some people prefer light colors to attract "friendly" spirits, but it's a matter or personal preference. If you use incense, be sure that no one in your group is allergic to it. Place incense somewhere away from the table, rather than on the table itself. Candles are a nice addition as well -- not only do they provide some visibility, but there's a school of thought that believes spirits are attracted to heat and light sources. Place and light three candles (or any number dvisible by three) in the center of the table or area where the seance will be conducted. A phone with the Ghost Seance app installed on it will eventually be placed in the center of those candles during the seance. Dim or turn off the lights when the seance is about to begin.

  3. Get Comfortable: Make sure that guests will be respectful of the spirits, and of other guests. Turn off all cell phones. If anyone needs to go to the bathroom or have a smoke, do so before you begin. The thermostat should be set to a comfortable temperature -- remember that spirit activity can cause some fluctuation in levels of cold or heat. Once everyone is seated, you can help everyone relax by doing a short guided mediation, offering a prayer, or casting a protective circle, if your tradition requires you to do so.

  4. Conduct the Seance: Place a phone with the Ghost Seance App installed on it in the center of the candles and make sure the volume is set high enough so that everyone can hear clearly. Although many people like to do this, you don't have to hold hands to raise energy. In fact, if a seance goes on too long, it can get downright uncomfortable.

    Hit the play button for the "Ghost Seance Express" audio track and concentrate on the prerecorded medium's voice as he attempts to summon a spirit. If the virtual medium is unsuccessful during his first attempt, keep playing the Ghost Seance Express audio track until contact is made.

    While some responses may be very obvious, most will be very subtle so it is important that your group remain as quiet as possible in order to hear any spirits trying to make contact. Most responses come in the form of knocking noises. When you hear any such noises we suggest that you pause the audio track and begin the ask the spirit questions. Tell the spirit to answer "yes" by knocking once and "no" by knocking twice. Remember, the Ghost Seance app is specifically designed to summon the spirit, once the sprit begins making signs it is then up to you to continue communicating with it.

    For extra fun, try conducting the seance in front of a mirror...

  5. Unwanted Entities: Just like at any other party, sometimes a seance will bring an uninvited guest. In this case, when you have a spirit that seems malevolent or mischievous, someone needs to let them know they're unwelcome. Say something like, "You are not wanted here, but we thank you for your presence. Now it is time for you to move on."

    If an entity arrives that seems angry or hostile and will not leave, no matter what you do, end the seance. Chances are good that it's been attracted to someone in your group who is dysfunctional.

  6. Closing the Door: When you're done with the seance, the pre-recorded medium will thank the spirits for coming to visit. Bear in mind that some spirits like to hang around after the seance has officially finished. If they do, it's okay. They're probably just curious, and they may return to visit you later in the evening during a dream sequence.

  1. Make sure you've eliminated potential distractions such as children, although pets seem to come and go through spirit activity without causing any disruption. Cats in particular tend to be very curious about what's going on.

  2. Your guests may wish to bring an object that belonged to a deceased person, as a way of establishing a connection that specific spirit. Photographs are also good links to the dead.

  3. IMPORTANT: If you and your guests aren't shy, try chanting out loud along with the prerecorded medium for better results. Make sure that you concentrate on every word that is being spoken by the virtual medium and at the very least try to chant along with the medium using your thoughts as spirits are telepathic.



Warning: Ghost Seance is designed to communicate with "Good Spirits" only.
We accept no responsibility for any evil or demonic entities that may cross over.

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